DONON REGAN
Donon ReganIn 1984 Donon Regan created the first sports greeting card for non-profit organizations to generate revenue. The concept is called, "The Four Horsemen of the Prosperous"

  • 1. Industry manufacturing a commonly     bought product
  • 2. Given to a non-profit entity
  • 3. To help support their mission
  • 4. To generate positive change

In a nutshell the model for success is simple. The manufacturing of the greeting cards are paid for by corporate sponsors who have their logo on the back cover every card. The non-profit organization receives 75% of all profit beyond hard cost. Hard costs are associated with card design, printing and distribution. The 25% remaining is returned to Progreeting, LLC and their corporate partners. Seven billion dollars were spent on greeting cards last year. Since day one no one has targeted the "sports fan" who buys anything and everything with their teams logo on it. Half the greeting cards in America are sold during football season. These greeting cards sell at "sporting good" stores, sporting events, and online. It is a creative goldmine that can help fund many deserving non-profit organizations and create many much needed jobs. Over the past 30 years this concept has been boiling on the back burner. Sports Illustrated, the NFL Alumni, Bart Starr, Dan Devine, Frank Kush, The NFL, National Football Foundation, the Arizona Cardinals, Oakland Raiders, San Fransisco Forty Niner's, the Seattle Seahawks, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, Special Olympics, the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame, have all been involved at one time or another in lending support. Below are examples of the artwork and verses. These are "only samples" and are "not for sale." If your non-profit organization has an interest in this concept and would like to know more call 512-363-0481 or email:


Industry manufacturing a commonly bought product

Given to a non-profit entity

To help support their mission

To generate positive change

LH card example
huskies card example

This artwork is for presentation and demonstration purposes only and “not” for sale.